The Registry Collection


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You have the privilege of enrollment as our referral to of The Registry Collection® program, which offers you a world of luxury vacation opportunities and experiences in many of the most desirable resort destinations. Members of The Registry Collection program are able to enjoy distinctive benefits and exclusive services.

The Registry Collection exchange program offers you leisure travel at its most luxurious—elegantly appointed accommodations in impeccably maintained surroundings, as well as unique and exclusive vacation experiences around the world.

Our Resorts and Destinations

We offer you to enjoy luxurious resorts al over the world, either you would like to experience best beaches or climb the mountains, you have all choices in the world. Our Resorts are located in all continentals, USA/Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Caribbean, Mexico, South America. See a few of our Resorts


With the luxury of accommodations experience happiness of on-site and off-site activities. Lakes, mountains, beaches, spas, ski, golf and many more. All you can desire for unforgettable vacation. Family, Couples, Friends or just vacation for yourself. Everything is at your service. 


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Vacation ownership

offers you a better vacation experience, including greater value, more choices, and maximum comfort. Get to know what we have to offer.

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