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Our goal is to provide cruise travelers a “one stop shop” cruise comparison mechanism. As we know your cruise vacation starts from the minute you visited our site, we will be consistently checking deals with our partners to make sure you will be able to get all the relevant deals in just one place and for the best Price with all potential discounts!


Cost Effective

With increased competition comes lower prices, and cruising is the most economical way to travel. Once you factor in flights, accommodation and insurance, you’re spent thousands of dollars before you’ve even left for your vacation, and that’s not counting food and spending money at your destination.

Early bookers can often find cruises for less than $100 a day based on double occupancy. Carnival and Norwegian Cruise lines have incredible deals on Caribbean cruises, and in April Carnival were offering four-night cruises for $38 per night (plus taxes), while Norwegian occasionally advertise a four-night Bahamas cruise on the Norwegian Sky for just $42 a night.


With the average American only entitled to two weeks of vacation time a year, it’s important to use it wisely. From the moment you step onboard a cruise, everything is taken care of, leaving you with more free time to relax.

Traveling from port to port is a snap, no need to worry about directions or unpacking. You’ll wake up in an amazing new place, refreshed and ready to explore. These are only a sample of the convenience benefits offered by every cruise ship, eliminating many of the headaches of traditional land-based vacations.

The Facilities

The newer cruise ships are like floating cities, with everything you need on board. On the ship you’ll find a library, cinema, spa, hair salon, pubs and nightclubs, cafes, internet access, medical facilities, and plenty of stores for shopping.

You can expect a wide range of choices for dinner, including international cuisine options. The nightly entertainment is fantastic, with shows, singers, and comedians from America and abroad. The kids will be kept entertained as well, and will be delighted with the kids club and swimming pools.


Arguably the best part of cruising is the limited amount that you need to open your wallet once onboard. When you book a cruise you know that 90% of your vacation is paid for upfront. Your accommodation, food, transport and entertainment onboard the ship are all included in the cost of the cruise.

Often gratuities and drinks packages can also be pre-paid, and you can even book spa treatments for sea-days, and day tours for each destination before you board the ship. This means you can better estimate exactly how much your vacation will cost, and don’t need to worry about budgeting onboard.


Most beautiful cruises and luxurious ships all over the world are now at your fingertips.

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