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Dial An Exchange Timeshare, Vacation Ownership & Points Clubs Exchange Service.

DAE’s have-a-week, get-a-week vacation exchange model means you have access to hundreds of vacation destinations around the world. It’s fast, easy, and it works.

Your DAE partnership is your ticket to low-priced vacations for you, your family and your friends.


You will enjoy a healthy list of standard benefits including:

  • FREE Guest Certificates
  • Cancellation Protection Option
  • Low-cost Rentals in Timeshare Resorts. No limit, no exchange needed, book free for your family or friends
  • daeOptions – Rentals in non-timeshare resorts. No limit, no exchange needed, book free for family or friends
  • Worldwide availability online – exchange and rental
  • 24/7 live availability with 24 hour hold, instant booking and confirmation
  • Members' Request Service dedicated to finding what you want


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Vacation ownership

offers you a better vacation experience, including greater value, more choices, and maximum comfort. Get to know what we have to offer.

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